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About Witmart Trademark Services

Headquartered in downtown Toronto, Witmart is an online technology company that provides innovative, efficient and professional international trademark services to companies of all sizes.

Our mission is to help business owners navigate the risks and complications of protecting intellectual property. Every client has one-on-one access to our trademark specialists, certified agents and paralegals. Using advanced technologies, our streamlined trademark solutions enhance the client experience — without the overpriced fees of a traditional law firm.

With over 1000 daily trademark filings globally, we began as the #1 trademark service provider in China. Our success in China has built a fantastic foundation for global expansion, enabling us to better protect brands for businesses across Canada, the United States, Europe and beyond.

Having filed over 470, 792 trademarks globally since 2014, our international trademark experts know what it takes to protect businesses and help them reach success. We’ve also expanded our operations to include copyright, patent filing and incorporation services — and we won’t stop there.

Our Trademark Services Team

We are a diverse group of hard-working trademark specialists dedicated to helping businesses protect their brands. With offices located strategically in Canada, China and the U.S., plus service centres operating across Europe and Australasia, we have capabilities in most jurisdictions worldwide. So no matter where you want to file, we have a local expert to help.

Our team of trademark consultants, certified agents, paralegals and attorneys are here to guide you through every step of the application process. All you have to do is call.

Trademark Certification

Certified Canada Trademark Agent

By law in Canada, only trademark agents certified by CIPO can apply for trademark registration on behalf of another person. In accordance with Canadian governance, Witmart is a registered trademark agent certified with CIPO to provide trademark registration services to individuals and businesses nationwide. When you file with a certified agent like Witmart, you file with confidence knowing that we are backed by expertise you can trust. Plus, you’re protected from certain risks and liabilities associated with non-certified agents — making Witmart the ideal choice for all your trademark needs.

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U.S. Office

10190 Harwin Dr. Ste B
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Phone: 1-877-WITMART (948-6278)
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