Service Policy

1. Service Standard

Free Comprehensive Trademark Search: 

The comprehensive search is free of charge. Our trademark consultants will perform the search within 1 business day after a search request is submitted and some detailed information about the trademark is collected by phone. 

Free Second Filing: 

If a trademark application is denied by the Trademark Office and the customer has purchased the Free Second Filing service, Witmart will file the second trademark application under a different name without charging any additional services fee. The government fee will still be applicable for the second filing. 

Application Plan Preparation and Filing: 

Preparing the Application Plan7 business days to prepare an application plan for the standard service or 3 business days for the priority service. After the application plan is ready, customer must review and sign off on the final plan. Filing the Signed off Plan After the customer signs off, we will file the application within 1 month for standard service or within 3 business days for priority service. 


The priority service for filing a trademark in China is 7 business days instead of 3 business days due to translation delays. Trademark 

Application Progress Updates:

All changes and updates to a trademark application will be communicated on a monthly basis. 

Application Follow-up: 

In the event that the trademark office requires additional information from the customer, Witmart will notify the customer within 2 months and process the response to trademark office for customers with service packages that include responses to office action. 

Trademark Certificates:

For countries with an electronic trademark certificate, such as EU and Canada, the certificate will be sent to the customer via email within 3 business days. For countries that only issues a paper certificate, such as US, Witmart will deliver the certificate within 20 business days by courier.

2. Refund

Please refer to the “Services & Guarantee” section.

3. Complaints

If the customer has any questions regarding Witmart's service, please contact our customer service line or your assigned trademark consultant. If the customer believes the problem is still not resolved, he/she can contact the customer service supervisor directly by telephone +1 855-497-7273 (North America) or 023-88392688 (China) or email We ensure that all customer complaints will be resolved to customer’s satisfaction.

4. Witmart reserves the right to change/update the service terms without notice.

5. The Service terms will commence based on the execution of an agreement and/or payment of service fees.

6. As our service continues to evolve, we may, from time to time, revise these terms by updating this page without notifying the customers.