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Service Policy

1. Service Standard

Trademark Search: After the trademark search request is submitted by the customer, our specialists will respond to the inquiry within 1 business day, and communicate the result to the customer in a reasonable timeframe.

Application Plan Preparation: Within 7 business days of payment and confirmation of all required information, Witmart will prepare the application plan and notify the customer to confirm said plan. If the customer purchased priority service, Witmart will submit the filing as soon as possible and the client will receive the application number within 3 business days. Without priority service, Witmart will submit the filing and the application number will be received by the client at the latest in approximately one month.

Progress Update: During the application process, Witmart will update the application progress monthly if there is meaningful information to report. Customers can check the progress by login to Witmart's website or by contacting the responsible trademark consultant.

Application Follow-up: During the application process, if the trademark office requests additional information or rejects the initial application, Witmart will process the request and send the recommended actions to the customer within 10 business days. If the customer purchased the priority service, Witmart will submit the additional information and get confirmation in 3 business days. If the customer did not purchase the priority service, the additional material will be submitted by standard service and get the confirmation in approximately 3 weeks.

Certificate Submission: For countries that support electronic certificate, such as EU and Canada, Witmart will send the customer the certificate within 3 business days once we have received it. For countries that only support a paper certificate, such as US, Witmart will send the received certificate within 20 business days by courier.

2. Refund

Please refer to the “Services & Guarantee” section.

3. Complaints

If the customer has any questions regarding Witmart's service, please contact our customer service line or your responsible consultant. If the customer believes the problem is still not resolved, he/she can contact the customer service supervisor directly by telephone +1 855-497-7273 (North America) or 023-88392688 (China) or email We promise all customer complaints will be solved to customer’s satisfaction.

4. Witmart reserves the right to change the explanation of these service terms without notice.

5. The Service Terms will commence based on the execution of an agreement and/or payment of service fees.

6. As our service continues to evolve, we may, from time to time, revise these terms by updating this page without notifying the customers.