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Can I apply to register a phrase as a trademark which it contains a part of other trademarked phrase

Can my trademark describe my product or service?

Can I use a registered trademark as part of my trademark?

Can I just trademark a name without listing goods or services?

I sell marijuana and marijuana-based products. Can I register my trademark with the USPTO?

What about American territories? How do I protect a trademark in an American territory?

What happens if my applied for mark is already registered by someone else?

How many trademark registries exist in the United States?

Who polices my trademark?

What are the grounds to cancel a registration?

I just got a petition to cancel. What's a cancellation?

What is the USPTO?

How do I avoid adopting a trademark that may be easily confused with another trademark?

How do I use the TM, SM and ® symbols? Can I use the

How is a Registered Trademark Transferred?

What are "Trademark Squatters"?

What'd happen to your brand if you've been selling a product under the name but didn't trademark it?

Why is it important to trademark a brand?

Should I file a trademark before having a definite brand or logo?

Can someone other than you register your brand or company name?

Is there an international trademark I can buy to be protected in more countries than one at a time?

Is a U.S. Trademark Protected in Canada?

What is the difference between a business registration and a Trademark?

What is a trademark search?

What is a clearance search?

How to find out if a logo is trademarked?

Can you trademark the name of a book before it's written?

Best way to find out if you are infringing a Trademark on YouTube?

What are some ways to avoid potential diffculties when filing a trademark or service mark?

What's the difference between a brand logo and a trademark?

Do I need to file a trademark for my business name?

How to find out if a slogan is trademarked?

How to avoid trademark violations in the US?

Can someone register a trademark before they start their business?

Can I Trademark a youtube channel?

How do I know if a trademark is registered?

How do I protect my trademark across countries?

Can I change the name of a mark that is in the filing process? How much is involved?

How do you protect photos for a blog?

Can a business idea or a service be copyrighted in North America?

Can names be referenced and not apply to copyright?

Why are trademarks often capitalized?

Is my company name automatically protected If I am already using it?

How do I look for good trademark names?

How do I get started on trademarking a logo?

How do I copyright a name?

If I register a trademark in Canada, is it protected in the US?

What's the difference between registered trademark® and trademark™?

Can I trademark a word?

Should I register my trademark internationally?

What are the strongest trademarks?

How do you protect a trademark on the Internet?

What information do I need to file for a trademark?

How to find out if a logo is trademarked in Canada?

What is required to trademark a name?

Should I trademark my brand name?

Does a logo need to be trademarked?

Can you register a trademark with a city name in it?

How long does a trademark registration last in Canada and the USA?

What is the most efficient way to file for a trademark?

What is a US common law trademark?

My trademark is being used by someone else’s Twitter account, can I get it back?

How do I select the most appropriate classes for my trademark?

What is Nice Classification? What are the classes in the Nice Classification?

My trademark contains both images and words. Should I register them separately, or together?

Can we change the font of the letters after the “design mark” is registered?

What are the ideal colors for a “design mark” application?

Can trademarks be registered internationally? What is the Madrid International Trademark System?

What are the different kinds of trademarks?

What happens after your application is processed by Witmart?

What is ®?

What is a TM?

What is the cost to conduct a comprehensive search for my trademark?

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