Frequently Asked Questions

Will I ever have to give proof of my goods and services for a US application?

Will a TEAS RF or TEAS standard application be processed any faster than a TEAS plus?

What if i can not find a suitable description in the ID manual for my goods or services?

Will the USPTO examining attorney hear an opposition?

Who will decide if my office action response to the USPTO is acceptable?

How long will I have to respond to an office action from the USPTO?

My application to register my Trademark was denied by the U.S. Examining Attorney. What can I do?

How long is the opposition period?

What is an office action?

How do I prepare for a trademark registration?

How to count items on the pick list under Goods and Services for a Chinese Trademark Application?

How does one register a trademark in the USA for non-residents?

How to check if a trademark is registered at the USPTO?

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