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Service Guarantee

1. Priority Service

Witmart will expedite the filing process and provide the customer with a filing number from the trademark office within 3 business days* after the filing plan signed off. In the event that Witmart fails to provide the said application number within the proposed time, the customer is entitled a full refund of the priority service fee.

* For trademark applications filed in China and Germany, the government does not issue the application number immediately. Witmart will provide the application number in 3 business upon its availability date.

2. Guarantee Service

2.1 Refund is not available for any "Basic Package" when a trademark application is denied.

2.2 A 50% refund of the service fee can be applied to each denied class(es) of a trademark application for the "Standard Package".

2.3 A denied trademark application refers to an application rejected by the trademark office, this does not include the cases stated in 4. Limitatation of Liabilities.

3. Refund

3.1 If a trademark application is withdrwan before it's confirmed and filed, Wimart will issue a 80% refund on the total invoice.

3.2 Once the application is confirmed and filed, the customer cannot request for a refund.

4. Limitation of Liabilities

4.1 Witmart will not refund the service fee for trademark applications denied as a result of the customer not submitting the required additional information requested by the trademark office or failing to submit the requested information in the required timeframe. The additional information request from the trademark office will be communicated to the client with ample amount of response time.

4.2 Witmart will not refund the service fee for combined trademark applications (combination of various languages, numbers and pictures) is partially denied by the trademark office.

4.3 Witmart will not refund the service fee for trademark applications for audio trademark, color trademark or 3D trademark.

4.4 If the application fails due to unforeseeable events, Witmart will not refund the service fee. Unforeseeable events refer to any events that are unpredictable or uncontrollable and unavoidable, including but not limited to earthquake, fire, tornado, tsunami, war, government action and communication interruption or technical problems beyond Witmart's control.

5. Witmart reserves the right to change the service terms without notice.

6. The service terms will commence based on the execution of an agreement and/or payment of service fees.

7. As our service continues to evolve, we may, from time to time, revise these terms by updating this page without notifying the customers.