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Obtain application notification in about a month. Professional service with local trademark consultants.

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Obtain application number in about a month. money-back guarantee!

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Trademark Registration Process


Witmart's preparation for trademark registration is divided into the following two steps:

Step 1: Trademark Search
Once the trademark to be registered is submitted, Witmart will conduct a professional trademark search free of charge to determine eligibility. The result of the search will be presented to the client the next business day.

Step 2: Make Payment
Client will confirm the intention to proceed with the trademark registration by selecting the best fitting package and make appropriate payment.

Application Submission

Once payment is received, Witmart will start the trademark registration application process. At the same time the client will be provide the necessary documentation required. Witmart will finalize the application in three business days once all the documents are received.

Clients with priority application service will receive trademark application number in three business days after the application is submitted. The trademark protection starts the day application number is issued. For standard service it will take up to one month until the application number is issued

Government Inspection

The Australia government starts the initial inspection once the trademark application is received.
  • The inspection takes about 1 month

Three Possible Outcomes From Inspection

  • Inspection passed, government will proceed to the next step and prepare for offical trademark publication
  • Require further information: client must supply the required information within 6 months.
      The inspection takes about 2 months.

    Trademark registration re-submission is included in all the service packages. Witmart will prepare all the new information required for re-submission 10 businesses days after the re-submission notification from the trademark registration bureau. Clients using the priority service will recieve feedback in 3 business days after the re-submission. Standard service will take up to 1 month.
  • Application rejected : Before each trademark appication submission, Witmart will evaluate all possible cases and minimize the risk of application being rejected. Application rejection is very rare as long as the client follows the profession advice provided by Witmart trademark consultants. In the even of application rejection, Witmart will follow the same procedure as application re-submission.

Official Annoucement

The official annoucement is made 3 months after successful inspection.

  • The inspection takes about 3 month

Registration Completion

If no objection is made during the annoucement period. The Australia government will issue the finalized acceptance.

Trademark registration certificate is issued in digital format. Witmart will email the trademark registartion certificate 3 business days after receving the certificate.

  • The certificate is valid for 10 years without any additional fees.

Professionals at Your Service

Chris Chan

United States Patent and Trademark Office registered agent

Ten years of experience in the United States trademark registration, specialized in electrical and electronic products and industrial goods

A. Lambert

Canadian Intellectual Property Office registered agent

Years of experience in Canadian trademark registration, familiar with all kinds of trademark applications of goods and services.

Jen Lantz

United States Patent and Trademark Office registered agent

Specialized in shoes, bags, textiles, various household goods and related services trademark registration.

Tom Richardson

US registered Lawyer

United States Patent and Trademark Office registered agent

Years of experience in trademark registration for various goods and services.

1000s of Companies Expanded Markets Internationally

Mr. Yonge

President of a Canadian medical device company

I have been working with Witmart on registering our trademarks worldwide. So far, we have successfully registered over 30 trademarks. I am very impressed by Witmart’s professionalism, attentiveness, and efficiency. Hope we can continue working together in the future.

Mr. Lam

Corporate director of a large US health care enterprise

Our products are mainly sold in the US market, it is crucial that our trademark is protected. Local Witmart provided excellent service with a reasonable price. We have registered a number of trademarks with Witmart and expecting long-term cooperation.

Mr. Wu

CEO of a health product company, Hubei, China

We are very impressed by the professionalism Witmart demonstrated when our trademark got registered in Canada. Witmart’s all-inclusive fees are very reasonable, and the fee structure is very transparent. Witmart also helped us to pass two trademark reviews. Our trademark got successfully registered.

Miss Deng

Manager of a food import and export company, Fujian, China

We hired Witmart for our US trademark registration and extension. We are very satisfied by their service and competitive price. Our company decided to have Witmart for registering all of our trademarks.

Mr. Liu

CEO of a Lubricating Oil Manufacture, Guangdong, China

Witmart helped us to successfully register our trademark in the US, but the certificate got lost in the mail. Witmart then helped us to have US Trademark Office resend the certificate for free. Later on, I referred Witmart to my friend. His trademark was registered successfully too. We are both very satisfied with the Witmart’s service.

Miss Fang

General Manager of an auto parts company, Zhejiang, China

We export products to the US and Australia markets. We suffered significant lost with unprotected trademark in these markets. We were not able to find the right company to help us until we got referred to Witmart. Now Witmart takes care of all our trademark needs.


What happens when my application is denied?

With our guaranteed service package, you will receive full refund in case of application denial. You may also be entitled for partial refund with our other service packages. For more details, please refer to the "refund policy" in our "service and protection" page.

How long it takes to receive notification of acceptance?

Usually takes one month. With our priority service package, you will be able to obtain the application number in 3 business days.

How much does it cost to conduct a comprehensive search of my trademark?

Witmart is the only company that offers comprehensive search free of charge.

How long does the registration process take?

Trademark notice of acceptance will be issued in a month in normal circumstances. Our priority service can speed it up to three business days. The trademark registration certificate will be usually issued in 8-19 months.