Frequently Asked Questions

Is my trademark registration a guaranteed success?

How long does the registration process take?

Who can apply for trademarks in Canada?

How to register your trademark in Canada?

Do I need a Lawyer/Attorney to file a trademark?

Can you trademark your name?

What are the classes of trademark in Canada?

Does Canada use the Nice classification system?

What are the steps to obtain a trademark in Canada?

What types of trademarks can and cannot be registered in Canada?

How long does it take for me to get a Canadian registration once I file my trademark application?

How long will it take for a Canadian trademark examiner to review my trademark application?

Is it possible to register a trademark outside of Canada?

Can I register my trademark in individual Canadian provinces?

Is there a way to claim priority filing in Canada?

Will there be problems if I do not use my Canadian trademark after registration?

Is it legal to use my trademark even if it is not yet registered in Canada?

Does having a registered trademark in Canada give me any rights?

Can I file for a word and a design together on the same trademark application in Canada?

What is the official Trademark Office for Canada?

What is the difference between a registered and an unregistered trademark?

Can you transfer a registered Canadian trademark to someone else?

Can I file a Canadian trademark application if I live outside Canada?

When should I register my trademark in Canada?

What should I do if someone else is trying to register something similar to my trademark in Canada?

Can you trademark names and surnames in Canada?

I just got a notice of opposition. What is an Opposition?

Can I use an English trademark in Quebec?

Are all Canadian Lawyers able to provide legal services in relation to trademarks?

What is a trademark agent in Canada?

Do I have to be selling the products associated with my trademark to file an application?

What are your fees to apply for a registered trademark in Canada?

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