Ready to Register a Canadian Trademark?

Once you understand the importance of brand protection, the reasons to register a Canadian trademark are endless. Here are a few ways to ensure the highest probability of success on your Canada trademark registration.

What Type of Trademark Do I Need?
Trademarks aren’t limited to just words and designs — you can also register sounds, scents, tastes, and more as a means of distinguishing your goods or services from those of other businesses.

Can I Submit a Priority Claim?
If you’ve already filed or registered a trademark in your country of origin over the last 6 months, you can claim the filing date of your previous application on your Canadian application to receive priority consideration over other applicants.

Is My Trademark Available in Canada?
A trademark search by a professional will help you to determine the availability of your mark. A professional Canada trademark search combines multi-database investigation using expert search tools for detailed risk analysis and interpretation.

Do I Need a Trademark Lawyer?
In Canada, only a certified Canadian trademark agent can legally represent you. it’s recommended to seek professional guidance from a certified Canadian trademark agent to help you prepare the strongest possible filing.

How to Register a Trademark in Canada

The Canadian trademark registration process can seem daunting at first glance, especially given the investment of time and capital required to finally get that certificate of registration from CIPO. After all, the typical timeframe to register a trademark in Canada is 15 - 18 months. Below is a trademark registration process diagram with each steps outlined by CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office)

1. Filing
Online: $330 for the first Nice class of goods or services, plus $100 for each additional class
Paper: $430 for the first Nice class of goods or services, plus $100 for each additional class
2. Filing date issued
if everything is in order with your application, CIPO assigns a filing date and an application number.

Your application will be entered into the Canadian Trademarks Database.
3. Examination: Checking for registrability
A trademark examiner will review your application to make sure that your trademark is registrable.
4. Examiner’s report
If there are any issues with your application, such as confusion with an existing trademark, the examiner will let you know in their report.

5. Response
You will have the opportunity to respond to any of the examiner's concerns.
6. Approval
If your application is approved, CIPO will send you a formal notice of approval to let you know.
If your application is refused, CIPO will send you a report explaining why.
7. Advertisement
If CIPO approves your application, it will be published in the Trademarks Journal on C|PO's website.

This will give others the opportunity to oppose your application.
7.1. Opposition
Fee to oppose an application: $750
If someone opposes your application, the Trademarks Opposition Board will let you know and you will receive a copy of the statement of opposition.
You and the party opposing your application will then have a chance to file evidence and written arguments.
IF the opposition is successful, your application could be completely or partially refused.
You have the right to appeal to the Federal Court of Canada.
8. Registration
If there is no opposition to your application, or if an opposition is rejected, your application will proceed to registration.
CIPO will send you a certificate of registration and enter the trademark in the Register of Trademarks.

Register Your Canadian Trademark with Witmart

Trademark registration in Canada is an incredibly demanding and overwhelming process for business owners who already have a million other things to worry about. At Witmart, we live and breathe trademarks every day. Our experienced trademark experts are well-versed in Canadian trademark law, and our streamlined technology equips us to carry the burden of registration on your behalf.

Trademark Filing Made Simple
Our trademark specialists collect all of your business details upfront to file your trademark application for you and keep you informed of any updates along the way. We handle all the back and forth communication with CIPO, and monitor the status of your trademark from start to finish to ensure all deadlines are met.

End-to-end Trademark Support
When you file your Canadian trademark with Witmart, our dedicated service team will always have your back. We can help you assess and respond to Examiner’s Reports to reduce the risk of final refusal. We’ll be there to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process.

Avoid Unnecessary Delays
When you’re building a brand in Canada, time is money — and with a trademark registration process this long, you can’t afford unnecessary delays. The Witmart trademark team stays on top of your filing, following-up frequently with CIPO to ensure everything stays on track.

High Value Trademark Registration Packages at Affordable Rates

As a full-service Canada trademark agency, we’re the ideal choice for SMEs looking for the expertise of a law firm and the experience of a trademark agent for a price that won’t break the bank. At Witmart, we believe in providing high quality, affordable trademark services for all.
Our customizable trademark registration packages reflect the importance of building a trademark filing plan around your unique business needs — all at a flat rate, with government fees included.
Free Trademark Consultation
Free SuperSearchTM
Free Risk Analysis & Assessment
End-to-end Help & Support
Response to Office Actions
Free Second Filing*
*Should your initial trademark registration get rejected, Witmart will conduct a second filing for free. Government fees still apply.

Recent Canada Trademarks Registered with Witmart

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    Countries filed: Canada
    Date issued: August 20, 2019
    Class: 30
    Services/Goods: Pasta, condiments , beverages

    Trademark: Triple CS Supplements
    Countries filed: Canada
    Date issued: August 14, 2019
    Class: 5
    Services/Goods: Medicines, health supplies, food

  • Trademark: SIXOPHO
    Countries filed: Canada
    Date issued: August 20, 2019
    Class: 43
    Services/Goods: Catering and accommodation , pension childcare , providing accommodation of animals

    Countries filed: Canada
    Date issued: August 21, 2019
    Class: 43
    Services/Goods: Catering and accommodation , pension childcare , providing accommodation of animals