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How to Get Started

To get your Canadian trademark application started, consider the following preparations first.
Type of Trademark
Decide what you want to protect. As stated on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website, trademarks can be one or many words, sounds or designs used to distinguish the goods or services of one person or organization from those of others.
Type of Application
In Use: your trademark is already in use and sold in the Canadian market.
Intend to Use: Your trademark is still in the conceptual stage and will be sold in the market in the next six months.
Trademark Availability Search
Ensure the proposed mark is available for registration through a combined CIPO database search, NUANs search, and/or the use of professional trademark search tools.
Priority Claim
A priority claim is a right given and recognized by the vast majority of countries around the world. For example, if you have already filed or registered your trademark in the US in the last six months, you are eligible to claim the filing date of your US application on your Canadian application to receive priority over other claims.

How to Register a Trademark in Canada

  • Trademark applications must be filed and approved by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • It is approximately a 12-18 months process
  • Potential office actions and opposition proceedings will make the process longer
  • By law, the individual or firm hired to prepare and file your application must be a certified trademark agent

File Your Canadian Trademark with Witmart

  • We are a certified Canadian trademark company with certified Canadian trademark agents and paralegals
  • We take on all heavy lifting to prepare and file your Canadian trademark registration—leaving you with just three easy steps
  • We keep you informed throughout the entire trademark application process to ensure the highest success rate

Trademark Registration Packages

We offer the most competitive packages with the most value. Here are some highlights of our features
Free Trademark Consultation
Free SuperSearchTM
Free Risk Analysis & Assessment
End-to-end Help & Support
Responses to Non-Substantial Office Actions
Responses to Substantial Office Actions
Free Second Filing*
*Should your initial trademark registration get rejected, Witmart will conduct a second filing for free. Government fees still apply.

Recently Registered Canadian Trademarks Around the Globe

  • Trademark: Mammoth Interactive
    Filed Countries: Canada
    Date issued: August 09, 2018
    Class: 9,25,41
    Services/Goods: iOS application, Apparel

    Trademark: Allergy RF
    Filed Countries: Canada
    Date issued: July 03, 2018
    Class: 5
    Services/Goods: Medicine, supplements and food supplements

  • Trademark: SNOW 100% Pure Natural Honey
    Filed Countries: Canada
    Date issued: June 26, 2018
    Class: 30
    Services/Goods: Honey

    Trademark: Wenbo
    Filed Countries: Canada
    Date issued: June 01, 2018
    Class: 35,41
    Services/Goods: Immigration and education services