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15 Years of Protection

Once your trademark is registered with the Canada Trademark Office then the trademark is protected for 15 years. You will have the exclusive rights to use the trademark under the associated class(es).

Broader Protection

A registered trademark in Canada is protected across Canada while a common law trademark may only be protected in the geographic area that is used and known. Common law rights in Canada only applies to trademarks being in use over a period of time and becoming well known in the public eye.

Strong Entitlement

During a dispute with a registered trademark in Canada, the trademark owner does not need to first prove ownership. It is up to the challenger to demonstrate the registered trademark owner is not entitled to the trademark. Disputes involving an unregistered trademark may lead to expensive and lengthy legal dispute to determine trademark entitlement.

Canadian Trademark Application Process
To register a name or logo in Canada, the trademark must be filed and approved by the Trademark Office of Canadian Intellectual Property Office of Industry Canada. The whole process takes approximately 12-18 months. Possible office actions and opposition proceedings on the name or logo will make the process even longer. We transform the long and tedious Canadian trademark registration process to just 3 easy steps. Our trademark experts will keep you informed throughout the entire process to ensure the highest success rate for your trademark application.
Trademarking with Witmart is Easy as 1-2-3
Search Determine mark availability with comprehensive trademark search
File Our Canadian trademark agents file your application
Relax Your trademark is filed as soon as 3 days* *Limitations and conditions applied. Refer to our service policy for details.
Determine mark availabilitywith Canadian trademark search
Our Canadian trademark agents file your application
Your trademark is filed as soon as three days*
*Limitations and conditions applied. Refer to our service policy for details.
Why File Your Canadian Trademark With Us
  • Money-Back Guarantee*
    There are uncertainties associated with trademarking in Canada. Should your trademark application get denied by the trademark office (CIPO), we are willing to share the risk with you by our unique Money-Back Guarantee*. That’s how confident we are in making you feel confident about choosing us to file your trademark.
    * Limitation and restrictions applied. Refer to our refund policy for details
  • Affordable Pricing with no Hidden Costs*
    We offer flat fee cost saving packages for all of our Canadian trademark registrations. Some of our flat fee packages even include unlimited office action responses. You don't have to worry about hourly legal charges, hidden costs, or government fees. Being predictable is always a very good thing for trademarking.
    * Limitations and restrictions applied. Refer to your invoice for details of what fees are included.
  • A Personal Approach
    We’ve built a reputation for friendly and attentive service. It’s why we have so many loyal customers and referrals. It starts with a free one-on-one consultation and risk analysis to ensure that you are making well informed decisions throughout your trademark application process in Canada. A local Canadian trademark expert will then advise you, and guide you through the ‘howtos’ of trademark process. With Witmart on your side, trademarking really can be a pleasure.
Witmart is a Certified
Canadian Trademark Agent
Associated Canadian
Trademark Agents


Canadian Trademark Agent

Anita attained the highest possible score on the 2008 Canadian Trademark Agent examination and has been a registered trademark agent since 2009.


Canadian Trademark Agent

Jamie has been a licensed Canadian trademark agent since 2008 and has been working in trademark law since 2003.

Recently Registered Canadian Trademarks Around the Globe
  • Trademark: Mammoth Interactive
    Coutries filed: Canada
    Date issued: August 09, 2018
    Class: 9,25,41
    Services/Goods: iOS application, Apparel

    Trademark: Allergy RF
    Coutries filed: Canada
    Date issued: July 03, 2018
    Class: 5
    Services/Goods: Medicine, supplements and food supplements

  • Trademark: SNOW 100% Pure Natural Honey
    Coutries filed: Canada
    Date issued: June 26, 2018
    Class: 30
    Services/Goods: Honey

    Trademark: Wenbo
    Coutries filed: Canada
    Date issued: June 01, 2018
    Class: 35,41
    Services/Goods: Immigration and education services