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  • Money-Back Guarantee
    With our unique GUARANTEED package, you have our word on your trademark names, phrases and logos. Should your trademark name/phrase get denied by the trademark office - you will get a 50% refund. No questions. No hassles. That’s how confident we are in our service. And why you should feel confident registering your trademark name/phrase with us.
  • Affordable Pricing with no Hidden Fees
    From filing to registration. Our all-inclusive flat fees cover everything. We answer all your questions, and handle responses to office actions from the trademark office - all for a competitive price. You’ll never have to worry about hourly legal charges, hidden costs, or government fees. Sometimes being predictable is a very good thing.
  • A Personal Approach
    We’ve built a reputation for friendly and attentive service. It’s why we have so many loyal customers and referrals. It starts with a free one-on-one consultation and risk analysis to ensure that your trademark name/phrase can be successfully registered. A local trademark expert will then advise you, and navigate the trademark registration process on your behalf. With Witmart on your side, business really can be a pleasure.
Trademark Registered in 3 Steps
With over 338,000 trademarks registered in the past two years, we've built a brand on protecting yours. And we make it easy. Our trademark experts streamline the complicated trademark registration process for you, taking care of the cumbersome paperwork and back-and-forth correspondence with the trademark office. For you, it's just three steps. After all, you're busy enough running your business.
Search Determine mark availabilitywith free trademark search
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Relax Trademark is protected in as little as three days
Determine mark availability with free trademark search
Our trademark agents file your application
Trademark is protected in as little as three days
Worldwide Experts, World-class Service
We proudly operate in 4 continents and 36 countries. Our global capabilities make it possible to offer our unique service to more markets, and help our customers register trademarks internationally. What's more, we have trademark experts in each country. This ensures that your consultant knows the ins and outs of your region, and can provide you with a seamless, stress-free experience. Global reach with local knowledge. You get the best of both worlds.
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What our clients have to say
  • Sherry Li
    Business Administrator, Wenbo Education Consulting Firm. Ltd.
    Witmart's platform is very simple and intuitive from a customer's standpoint - the whole process was fast and efficient. We have used their service to register our trademark globally and we couldn't be happier!
  • Peter Zhang
    President, Sino Club
    Witmart's international trademark registration service is excellent. The trademark specialist gave very professional advice and guided me through the whole process. They are very knowledgeable and provided top notch support. The service is truly hands-free which gives peace of mind for clients. I will definitely recommend them for international trademark registration and will register more trademarks globally with Witmart.
  • Munzer Alkurdi
    Creative Director, Spine Creative Design Inc.
    Witmart's service is excellent. With so many illigitimate filers out there, it was hard to decide where to go for a trademark registration. Witmart's trademark consultant was very professional and approachable that convince me to choose them. I really appreciated their support and following up on my file updates. The whole registration experience was 100% positive. I would definitely recommend them to others.
  • Wenjun Yang
    Small Business Owner
    I’ve been using this brand name “Dr. Fish” for more than ten years! It never crossed my mind to trademark the name. Initially, I just wanted to take a gamble and see if the name can be trademarked. Witmart did an excellent job of obtaining the trademark for me! Unauthorized sellers on Amazon was a serious problem for me, now I just simply present the trademark certificate and the unauthorized sellers must withdraw my products off their stores. ^^
Four reasons to trademark your brand
Expand Your Market
Registered trademarks are mandatory for entering major sales channels in most countries.
Increase Company Assets
Trademarks are valuable assets, appreciating as your business reputation grows. They're also transferrable.
Improve International Awareness
Trademarks help customers find you worldwide, and help differentiate your products from your competitors.
Protect Intellectual Property
Trademarks protect your brand from imitation and misuse, while building loyalty with customers.