Protecting Orders Across Borders: Accusize Industrial Tools

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The Need for International Protection

     For 20 years, CEO David Zhou and his Canadian-based company, Accusize Co., Ltd worked tirelessly to supply the metalworking industry with the highest-quality products. Soon enough, he was ready to make the jump to the U.S. marketplace, which also meant protecting his company’s brand. An important question arose for David and his rapidly growing enterprise: Who was he going to trust to file the company’s integral international trademark application?    

Having previously navigated the Canadian trademarking process in 2014, David understood that the U.S. filing requirements were a little different. Realizing that his energies were much better spent on the day-to-day operations of Accusize Co., Ltd., he entrusted the trademarking work over to the experts at Witmart, who could easily take care of all legal technicalities and deadlines inherent to U.S. trademarking procedure.

Office Actions and the Witmart Difference

     The differences between the Canadian and U.S. filing requirements became even more apparent to David when he received an office action from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This office action was a correspondence issued by the official trademark examiner, a correspondence that rejected his trademarking application due to missing requirements.

     In the previous Canadian application, David only had to provide a sworn statement (a declaration of use) that his trademark, “ACCUSIZE INDUSTRIAL TOOLS”, had been used in association with the goods and services for which he was claiming protection.   

     However, the U.S. filing requirements added an extra hurdle: David also needed to demonstrate the proposed “ACCUSIZE INDUSTRIAL TOOLS” trademark in the form of a business-ready image, along with a submission of visual proof of the trademark’s use in commerce.

     Luckily, instead of hiring a lawyer to charge him a high hourly rate in resolving the issue (with no guarantee that the resolution would be a success!), the highly experienced professionals at Witmart quickly addressed the office action and provided the necessary trademarking requirements to continue with the application process, all guaranteed under Witmart’s flat, “no-surprises” service fee.

The Success of a “Results-Driven” Partner

     Without once having to stress over the differences in the U.S. trademarking process, David and Accusize Co., Ltd. were approved, and a trademark certificate was issued on June 27, 2017.  David could breathe easy; the experts at Witmart not only saved valuable time in navigating U.S. filing requirements, but also made the trademarking process easy and cost-effective. Witmart did the heavy lifting for David, which meant he could focus on what mattered most: the leadership and responsibilities of his growing company.


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