Why Conduct a China Trademark Search?

Protect Your Brand

The China Trademark Office (CTMO) receives millions of applications per year. A comprehensive trademark search ensures mark availability to protect your brand in a first to file system.

Beat the Clock

Trademark searches address name availability upfront to prevent oppositions or office actions. When you only get 15 days to reply to CTMO communications, it pays to be prepared.

Cover Your Bases

The CTMO accepts similar marks within the same class if they fall under separate sub-classes, so a trademark search is essential to understand your filing options.

Why Choose Witmart?

Broad Service Coverage

Witmart has the local knowledge required to protect your brand in China, with full services available in 107 cities nationwide. We’ll start with a free consultation in your language and timezone to learn about your business and then communicate those details to our partner trademark attorneys in China to ensure a hassle-free journey to registration.

1000+ Daily Applications Filed

Witmart is not your average trademark filing agency — we handle over 1000+ trademarks in China every day. Our streamlined filing process and exceptional resources enable us to file your China trademark within just 7 business days. With a foundation of expertise and experience, trust Witmart to take your business farther, faster.

Certified Trademark Agency

If you’re applying as a foreign business, the CTMO requires you to register a China trademark with a local agent. As a certified trademark agency, Witmart is equipped to file your trademark expertly, helping you in your language and collaborating with our China team on your behalf to skip the need for translation altogether.

Top Attorneys

We are strategically aligned with a team of incredible intellectual property lawyers at LongAn Law Firm in Beijing, China. Having been named as one of the Top Ten Patent Lawyers of 2019 by the China Intellectual Property Forum. This partnership empowers our local team to provide your business with the best brand protection services on the market.