Why Monitor Your Trademark?

Prevent Infringement

Monitoring your mark allows you to flag and oppose competing marks to get ahead of potential trademark infringement scenarios before legal action is required.

Brand Security

Trademark monitoring helps you stay informed of infringers so you can collect evidence for the CTMO if litigation becomes necessary to defend your brand.

Avoid Lost Profits

You’ve worked hard to grow your business and so protect the value of your brand from dissolution with trademark monitoring and avoid losing revenue to infringers.

The Trademark Monitoring Process in China

The China Trademark Office (CTMO) regulates trademark filings, but it doesn’t police your mark once registered — that’s up to you. With a country as large as China, it’s impossible to keep full tabs on improper use, especially from abroad. To adequately protect your brand in China, you need access to the best monitoring tools that target both online and offline markets.

Software Monitoring

It takes the most sophisticated software to track online trademark misuse. Online monitoring empowers you to target infringers on the e-commerce markets that pose the largest threat to your brand, such as Alibaba, Taobao and Tmall. Plus, you can flag new CTMO applicants that may require opposition.

Physical Markets Monitoring

Monitoring physical markets across China as a foreign business requires a great deal of strategy and resources. After all, you can’t be in two places at once — let alone hundreds. To successfully protect your brand from counterfeit in China, you need highly trained local professionals to monitor physical stores, malls and markets for evidence of trademark infringement.

Why Witmart

Smart Monitoring

China’s size presents a uniquely daunting challenge for monitoring physical markets. We have the investigative capacity to target the markets that pose the biggest threat to your business so we can efficiently monitor for counterfeits.

Tailor-Made Strategic Plan

As the #1 trademark service provider in China, we know how to generate a strategic monitoring plan customized to your needs. Our local specialists collaborate with our China team on your behalf to identify infringement risks and protect your brand.

Strategic Legal Partnership

To further extend our service capabilities, we have a strong alliance with the award-winning intellectual property lawyers at LongAn Law Firm in Beijing, China. Their success together with our streamlined services make Witmart the perfect choice for brand protection.