Why is Trademark Enforcement Important?

Trademark infringement poses a real threat to every business owner operating in China. Between the millions of trademarks filed each year, and the multitudes of companies competing in the market, trademark squatting, infringement and copycats are par for the course. It’s critical to the sustainability and profitability of your brand to enforce your trademark rights. Fortunately, the Chinese government is hard at work helping entrepreneurs protect their trademarks — with over 28, 189 cases handled in 2016 alone.

China Enforcement Channels

The growing Chinese market is flooded with thousands of new businesses and manufacturers every year, increasing your risk for trademark infringement. Once registered with the China Trademark Office (CTMO), there are several governing bodies set in place to help defend your China trademark.


The General Administration of Customs (GAC) patrols imports and exports through Chinese borders to prevent counterfeiting. Register your trademark with the GAC and provide details about your goods and any previous or suspected infringers to protect your brand from counterfeits.


The State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) conducts raids, seizes infringing goods and imposes fines on infringers. The process is swift and doesn’t require proof of damages, but the SAIC can’t issue injunctions or order infringers to compensate for damages.

The People’s Court of China

The People’s Court of China handles civil and criminal trademark infringement cases. Due to severity, the process takes 3-6 months for criminal and 6-12 months for civil cases. The court can demand damage compensation and issue injunctions, fines, and prison sentences.

Why Choose Witmart to Enforce Your Rights?

Legal Expertise

Witmart connects you with trademark professionals in China. Our strategic partnership with the award-winning attorneys at LongAn Law Firm in Beijing, China enables us to fight your battle with the best — while still offering you our affordable flat rates.

Scope of Service

With service capabilities across 107 major cities, we are strategically placed to enforce your trademark rights across Mainland China. Our country-wide capabilities and regional familiarity empower us to protect your brand where you need it most.

Bridge the Gap

Witmart connects foreign businesses with the China trademark enforcement services required for brand protection. We consult with you in your language and time zone, with no need for a translator. We then collaborate with our China team for a hassle-free experience.