About the Witmart Team

Headquartered in the thriving business hub of Toronto, Canada, Witmart is an international trademark service provider for companies of all sizes. Unlike most trademark agencies, we are not limited to just one office location. We are strategically aligned with service locations and legal partners in every major jurisdiction worldwide to help business owners connect and grow their markets.

Having filed over 470, 792 trademarks globally since 2014 alongside our original China team, we have built a strong foundation for success in the world’s fastest-growing economy and beyond. As such, we’re perfectly positioned to help business owners in North America bridge the gap to protect their brands in China. Whether you need China trademark registration, monitoring, or enforcement — we do it all, and we do an exceptional job.

Meet Our China Trademark Team

We are a dynamic group of local and international trademark specialists, agents, paralegals and lawyers dedicated to providing businesses with the services they need to protect their brands in China.

Our local team will work with you directly from our North American office in your language and time zone — eliminating the need for expensive translators. From there, we collaborate with our trademark team in China and our strategic legal partners at LongAn Law Firm to ensure that all your trademark needs are met without any hassle.