Frequently Asked Questions

What authority governs the protections of domain names?

What bodies of law govern the handling of trademark infringement?

How does the SAIC handle trademark infringement?

What can I do if I find that my trademark has been infringed upon?

How do I initiate an action with the SAIC?

Is there a minimum threshold of value to initiate action from the SAIC?

What must I include in the complaint if I am a domestic complainant?

What must I include in the complaint if I am a foreign complainant?

How long does administrative action with the SAIC take?

Other than trademark cases, what other matters does the SAIC deal with?

How long does civil and criminal action with the People’s Court take?

What remedies are available from civil action?

What is the statute of limitations for filing an infringement action?

Are there restrictions to filing a criminal action?

Is there a minimum threshold of value to file a civil action?

What is valid use evidence/evidence of use?

Do unregistered but well-known trademarks have any rights and protections in China?

When collecting evidence, can I submit electronic evidence?

What practices surround electronic evidence?

What are some examples of common electronic evidence?

How is electronic evidence verified?

Is trademark registration the only form of IP protection for trademarks in China?

What authority protects my trademark online in China?

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