Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the trademark registration process take in China?

Why is it important to register your trademark early in China?

Can I use my existing US trademark application as the basis to file a China trademark?

Who can register a trademark in China?

What can I register as a trademark?

How long is the trademark registration process in China?

How long does a trademark registration last?

How can I renew my trademark registration?

What if I don’t renew my trademark before the expiration date?

Is it necessary to declare/prove use of the trademark upon renewal?

How much does it cost to register a trademark in China?

What is a first-to-file principal?

Is a People’s Republic of China agent required when filing a foreign application in China?

How are goods and services classified?

Can I file my application electronically?

Can I apply to file a trademark internationally and not only in China?

How will I receive correspondence from the CTMO?

Is a manual needed when identifying the type of goods or services to include in my application?

How do I claim priority rights for my filing?

How do I file for priority rights?

If the CTMO raises any objections to the application, can I amend the application?

How long do I have to correct my application in response to an objection?

How long does the publication phase last in the Trademark Gazette?

What is an opposition?

If my application is rejected, can it be appealed?

Where do I appeal a rejected application?

What is the process for appealing a rejected trademark?

Are there any exceptions that apply to the appeal process?

What is the usual timeframe from filing to registration?

What is the usual timeframe for opposition proceedings?

Are there exceptions to the timeframe for opposition proceedings?

Are opposition decisions subject to appeal?

How do I appeal an opposition decision?

What if the TRAB throws out my appeal?    

What rules and procedures govern the assignment of trademark rights to another party?

Must an assignment be recorded to have legal effect?

Can a mark be cancelled for non-use?

How long does it take for the Trademark Office to make a decision on the cancellation of a mark?

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