5 Ways China Trademark Registration Will Boost Your Business

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China is the fastest growing economy in the world, and the number one country in trademark filing clocking in at 5.7 million registrations in 2017 alone. China is the strategic launching point for businesses who want to operate in the global market. There’s one prerequisite though—you need to have a trademark registered with the China Trademark Office (CTMO). It’s like the platinum card that gets you into the secret room at an exclusive club.

Don’t think it’s worth the effort? Think it’s too soon to think ahead? Here are 5 reasons why you should register your trademark in China right away.

1. Expand Your Market

China’s market is growing astronomically, making it the second biggest economy in the world. Your competition is heading east and so should you, but it takes a trademark with the CTMO to get started. Getting your China trademark will open all the doors so that you can reap the rewards of global expansion. Stay competitive and don’t fall behind in a market that is increasingly pushing the global envelope. Doing business in a vibrant, burgeoning market like China’s is too good an opportunity to pass up.

2. Secure Brand Recognition

When it comes to trademark applications, China is a first to file country. This means that a company or individual does not have to give evidence that they are using the trademark in business. So with all legality, another company or individual could register your trademark even if you were using it first, or even if they are not currently using it all.

True, if they don’t use the mark for three years the registration will be cancelled, but you don’t want to see this happen. You might have to purchase your trademark from the other company or change your trademark for business in China. This can really hurt your brand if customers who expect to see your mark associated with your goods see it in connection to someone else’s products. Secure your brand by being the first to register your trademark in China.

3. Gain Legal Protection

No one wants to see their intellectual property infringed, but if it happens, you want the full legal weight of your IP rights behind you. In China, there are no common law trademarks because trademark rights are assigned to those who are first to file in China, not first to use.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve held a trademark in the United States or Canada. If you want to deal with infringers in China, you are going to need a Chinese trademark. Don’t watch hopelessly from the North American coast while others profit from your brand. Equip yourself with a China trademark registration so you can enter the ring for your intellectual property rights.

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4. Reap Financial Benefits

We’ve said it before: trademarks are a lucrative investment. They are definitely expensive, but the rewards far outweigh the costs. Trademarks appreciate over time, and when your China trademark grants you entry to the bustling, growing China markets, you’ll find it was worth the time, money and effort. Owning the rights to your trademark builds up the brand awareness of your products and services which then leads to more business opportunities. 

Fortunately, China’s trademark application cost is relatively low, particularly in the area of purchasing classes and subclasses. The most significant cost could come in the form of a Chinese trademark lawyer’s fees—a necessary part of trademarking overseas. By choosing trademark agencies strategically placed to bridge the gap between North America and China, agencies that offer competitive flat rates—like Witmart—even this cost can be mitigated so that you will have zero trademark regrets.

5. Attract Investors

Investors choose their investments cautiously, looking for lucrative businesses that have a high chance of success and a low risk of failure. The same way a potential investor may look to the quality and depth of your business plan, and how many people have responded well to your brand, they will be attracted to your business if they see that you have registered your trademark in multiple countries, particularly China. More registered trademarks equal less risk of infringement which equals a higher chance of a successful business. Make yourself desirable to investors by reducing any risks associated with your brand through China trademark registration.

With this information under your belt, you have every reason to start the China trademark process as soon as possible. It’s never too early to be thinking about the long-term future of your business, and Witmart can take a lot of the hard work off your shoulders. You call us, we collaborate with our award-winning partners at LongAn Law Firm in Beijing and get the ball rolling.

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